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HCCIntelligence™ Recording: Data Analytics: The Key to Achieving Growth and Quality in Home-Based Medical Care-December 2023
  • Discuss the inherent challenges of shifting to value-based care and consider how data analytics can be leveraged for success in home-based care.
  • Describe insights available from home care data to aid decision-making about markets, performance, competitors, referrals and partnerships, and clinician recruitment.
  • Thomas Lally, MD, Founder, CEO, and Chairman, Bloom Healthcare
  • Rebecca Ramsay, MPH, BSN, CEO, Housecall Providers
  • Aaron Yao, PhD, Director of Research and Analytics, Home Centered Care Institute
  • Paul Chiang, MD, Senior Medical and Practice Advisor, Home Centered Care Institute, Medical Director, Northwestern Medicine HomeCare Physicians
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